Teachers Tour Xavier Montessori Lab School

Posted on: March 10, 2018
Xavier Montessori Lab School

Early childhood professionals and pre-service teachers from around Southwest Ohio participated in a tour of the Xavier Montessori Lab School on March 6, 2018.  Participants were able to tour the nationally recognized program, learn about the Montessori philosophy, and learn about the Montessori Teacher Education programs offered at Xavier University at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Wright State undergraduate students who toured the program were interested in how the program aligned with developmentally appropriate practice, focused on whole-child development, and emphasized children's choice and independence.

About the Xavier Montessori Lab School

The philosophy of Montessori education is founded on the respect and reverence of the child. This method of education nurtures and cultivates the unique qualities each child possesses through engaging, meaningful, multi sensory lessons, activities, and materials. Embedded in our teaching practices is inquiry, wonderment, discovery, and joy; children are engaged learners constructing their knowledge and applying it in their lives.

As part of our mission we educate a diverse community of learners thereby enriching our experiences and appreciation for one another as well as celebrating our individuality. We are most proud of our students and their demonstrated kindness and respect toward one another.

The Xavier Montessori Lab School is nationally and internationally recognized for its standard of Montessori education. The holistic education of the child is also dependent on the partnership with our families. Teachers, parents, administration, and staff collaborate on activities, events, and functions to enrich our students learning and support our spirit of community.

We welcome any comments or questions you may have about our school program. Please feel free to contact the Lab School Office at (513) 745-3404.

Our Mission

The mission of the Xavier University Montessori Lab School is to educate children from many cultures and diverse communities. Our responsibility is to be a demonstration lab school to reflect the philosophy and methods of the Montessori Teacher Education Program at Xavier University. It is our job to develop the whole child by observing, documenting, and assessing.