Why Join?

Southwest Ohio AEYC


Southwest Ohio AEYC provides members with a place to be with other early child care professionals. You can make friends with those who share common interests and engage in conversations with colleagues about the field. 

Professional Development

Southwest Ohio AEYC sponsors trainings and workshops that will inspire your teaching practice and grow your leadership. Volunteering for various responsibilities within the group can provide informal training and experience, plus the opportunity to work closely with other early care and education professionals. 

Networking and Advocacy

Southwest Ohio AEYC’s annual conference, social gatherings, website, email list, and Facebook sites invite ongoing dialogue and provide up-to-date information. They can assist you in connecting with other professionals and organizations while advocating for the rights and needs of children and early childhood professionals in the Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton community.


Southwest Ohio AEYC offers grants to members. These financial awards can help you fund materials for your classroom, center or family child care home. Listing your grant award or other recognition on resumes can also enhance your marketability.


Southwest Ohio AEYC provides opportunities for mentoring. By pairing less experienced members with more experienced members, all members benefit from the experience, enthusiasm and dedication of those committed to our local professional association.