Membership and Music - Cincinnati Wrap Up

Coming soon to a location near you in Dayton and Columbus!

Thank You to our sponsor, United Way Success by 6, and the United Way of Cincinnati


On September 23, parents, children and teachers joined together in a day of Membership and Music. Families came with their children to enjoy the music of David Kisor and Demi Mays. The concert provided the opportunity to share information about the new family membership category.


Lunch was a perfect time to network with teachers and family child care providers joining us for the afternoon workshop. We shared dreams about what we might do as the Southwest Ohio AEYC, a new affiliate of NAEYC. We talked about ways experienced members could mentor members around specific interests such as public policy or developing children’s portfolios. We even talked about forming a running (or walking) team to support community events while promoting exercise and good health as a member benefit.  If you are interested in these ideas or have more ideas to share, please contact our Membership Vice President, Kathy Benkert at …

 David’s afternoon workshop, Songs for a Peaceful Classroom, was considered “amazing” by participants who linked songs with broader social and emotional themes. Promoting resilience was an over-reaching topic.

Participants welcomed songs and strategies to promote peace in the classroom. Here’s a simple take-away for you to use to quiet the children in the classroom. 

Sit on the floor and take a deep breath. Make a fist with each hand and use your imagination.

Turning to your left, sing … Smell the flower

Turning to your right, sing...Blow the candle out 

David Kisor!